AT For Musicians Page  

If you’re a musician, the Alexander Technique can become one of the most useful tools in your toolbox. By applying the principles of the Technique, you can effectively manage issues of strain, chronic pain/injury, technical skill, performance anxiety and practice strategies. It is the most useful trouble-shooting tool that I have ever encountered (my students would agree!)


Many of the problems musicians experience with both chronic pain and/or diminishing coordination are due to poor postural and movement habits that are often exacerbated by long hours of practice and performance. Most of these habits are cultivated unconsciously, and in fact might not even seem (without closer investigation) wrong or harmful at all. The Alexander Technique helps you to recognize these habits for what they truly are, and gives you the means to allow yourself to make healthier and more natural choices for the way you play music.


I have used the Alexander Technique myself to successfully address a rather serious problem. I’ve also been fortunate to have the opportunity to help many musicians (from a large variety of genres and abilities), find workable solutions to the problems they face, and find their way back to joyous, satisfying music making.


Some of the problems I’ve helped musicians effectively address are: chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, repetitive strain injuries, jaw tension issues, focal dystonia, performance anxiety, breathing coordination and overall excessive bodily tension.


And even if you don’t have any problems with pain or strain, the Alexander Technique is also an immensely practical tool for helping you to enhance your existing skills as a musician. By gaining a more complete awareness of the workings of your human design (and how your thinking interacts with this design) you can learn to make choices that best support your musical desires, finding continuing growth, improvement and satisfaction. It is my greatest joy and honor to be able to help musicians of all abilities, and I welcome the opportunity to help you!