What is the Alexander Technique  

The Alexander Technique is skill that yoThe Alexander Technique is skill that you learn that helps you prevent excess and misdirected muscular effort. It’s a method that helps you react in movement and posture in a way that is in cooperation with your human design. It promotes ease and efficiency of movement, enhanced balance and coordination, improved vocal and respiratory function, and a more reliable sensory perception. It teaches you to do whatever it is you do with less strain, greater efficiency, skill, confidence and satisfaction.

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Built into us as human beings is a natural poise and coordination, an ability to move and maintain posture with ease and efficiency. Unfortunately, we often interfere with this ability through habits of movement and thought. Young children, who typically move with ease, balance and confidence, far too often grow up to be adults who move with effort, fatigue and stiffness. The Alexander Technique teaches you how to reverse and prevent this degenerative process.


As I work with you, using a gentle, hands-on guidance and clear verbal instruction, you learn to recognize and prevent the postural and movement habits that interfere with your built-in, natural poise. Because you carry out most of these habits unconsciously, they can be difficult to discern on your own. But the Alexander Technique provides a useful tool for you to notice and replace these unhelpful, unconscious habits with healthy, constructive, conscious choices.

An Australian actor named Frederick Matthias Alexander discovered the Technique over 100 years ago. In finding the solution to his own vocal and respiratory troubles, he came to develop a practical technique applicable to improving virtually any human activity.


Today the Technique is taught worldwide, both by teachers in private practice, and at universities and performing arts conservatories such as The Juilliard School of Music and Dramatic Arts, The Royal Academies of Music and Dramatic Arts in London, USC and the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.


Lessons in the Alexander Technique can help you:

  • Reduce or eliminate chronic back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Prevent repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel
  • Perform with significantly less strain and with greater confidence
  • Improve your coordination
  • Improve your breathing
  • Improve your posture
  • Improve the quality of your voice
  • Manage performance anxiety

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