“Quite honestly, studying the Alexander Technique with Bill Plake is the best health related investment I’ve ever made.”
- Geoff Sykes, Certified Piano Technician

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Placeholder imageI offer lessons in the Alexander Technique, improvisation lessons for all instrumentalists at all levels, and saxophone lessons for all levels. I'm located in the Monterey Hills area of Los Angeles, California, just minutes northeast of downtown.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique:

  • $90.00 for a one-hour lesson

  • $800.00 for a series of ten lessons

I'm also available for small group teaching (3 to 6 participants) at an adjustable rate. Please contact me for more details.

I offer discounts for lessons purchased in advance. Please contact me for details.

Online Alexander Technique movement assessments for musicians via Skype

While I can't offer regular, ongoing Alexander Technique lessons via Skype (in my opinion, you really do need to find a certified teacher with whom you can work in person), I can provide a consultation assessing your movement habits as they pertain to playing your instrument. My aim here is to bring your awareness to some of the movement and postural habits you have that might be causing pain and/or other difficulties (such as coordination, tempo, or intonation issues, etc.) as you play your instrument.

I'll give you a detailed (but easily understood) assessment as well as practical advice about how you can begin to change your habits. We'll also look at how you hold and position your instrument, and I'll give you some practical self-care strategies to help you stay healthy and pain free. This is a viable alternative if you don't have access to a certified Alexander Technique teacher in your area. My rate is $90.00 for a 1-hour consultation, which includes a written, detailed evaluation and suggested changes for your improvement. I will be happy to speak with you by phone for a 10-minute consultation for free, so that you can see if you'd like to go forward with your full 1-hour consultation. Contact me to set up and appointment or to learn more. For all online lessons you'll need: a Webcam, a computer (with decent processing speed), and a Skype account or FaceTime.

Finally, I'm available to come offsite to teach either the Alexander Technique or music (or both together) to groups. I can custom design a program for your group's specific needs, or offer my own time-tested programs. My most popular course is Primary Instrument: Understanding Your Body In Relation To Making Music, which is a one-day intensive in the Alexander Technique, functional anatomy and body mapping. Please contact me for rates and details.


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