Access Deep Mobility, Coordination, Balance and Strength

Mobile Body Alignment™
Online Movement Classes - Open
Every Tuesday Morning  |  9:00 - 10:15 AM EDT

My MBA™ movement classes are tailored to the abilities and interests of whoever shows up each week. All are welcome, including those with no dance training. There is always an easy balance between structure and improvisation - no two classes are like.

“You can get away from your pain and stiffness automatically, without trying. Every time I tune in to one of those Mobile Body Alignment Points™, it generates energy and I want to move. It’s crazy! It’s like wait – how did I get out of pain?”

- Susan Whitson, Alexander Technique Teacher

Mobile Body Alignment™ has three layers.
Each layer enhances your learning at a deeper level.

Awareness Preludes

How we pay attention to our body has a huge effect on our felt experience.

Narrow attention creates a tight body. Fluid and mobile attention creates an easy body.

The 7 Awareness Preludes will develop your attentional flexibility and resilience. You can practice them anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Body Alignment™ Points

Activate effortless and fluid motion through spatial awareness of specific, easy to locate anatomical points on your body.

Learn to access this fluidity in all movement forms (yoga, tai chi, dance forms, etc.) as well as in pedestrian movement and all daily activities.

Move and feel like a dancer!

Cranial Nerve Sequencing

Rebalance excitement with calm, improve breathing patterns, and revitalize your posture by relinquishing excess tension nerve by nerve.

Enhance and refine sensory appreciation and motor control.

Mobile Body Alignment™
Online Movement Classes
Weekly, Tuesday Mornings 9:00 - 10:15 AM EDT

If you:

  • are experiencing stiffness or weakness in your body
  • want to feel more pleasure, ease, and mobility in your body
  • want to breathe freely while using the power of your muscles to move
  • Want to link up the power of your legs and arms with the rest of your body
  • Love to dance to music and learn through experimentation and play

Mobile Body Alignment™ is for you.

It's designed to:

  • restore your sense of volume and substance online, preventing Zoom burnout
  • generate smooth and fluid movement
  • extend the range of motion and build strength
  • restore the balance between your whole sense of self and awareness of details and parts
  • elicit strong and coordinated postural tone for injury prevention

“Thank you for the Mobile Body Alignment™ webinar! It was quite helpful — & I’ve reported to our Open Source Forms faculty about all the insights gained...confirming what we too have been discovering.

I also appreciate you and how you have found freedom amidst the constraints of a specific practice - The Alexander Technique. We also strive to continually respect & empower participants in their autonomy & their own process.

You’ve discovered how to remain open to others’ insights & wisdom while imparting your own.”

What People Say About MBA™


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